I also do 3D printing and currently use AutoCAD Fusion 360 for design work.  I can take your idea to CAD design and print if it can be 3D printed. Below are a few designs done in Fusion, including a plastic lid for a mason jar.

I specialize in taking your idea for a product or invention and making it come to reality.  Whether you have a rough drawing on a napkin or  a professional quality design,  I can help you work out the bugs and make your concept a working product.  I have experience in industry both from an industrial maintenance background as well as education in chemistry and physics.  I offer a more intuitive approach rather than using an engineering approach.  In other words,  I start with the idea, work through a design,  build a model, then work through problems to get a final, working prototype.  Then, after ensuring the design works,  I apply engineering knowledge as needed to ensure safety, endurance and proper operation of the design.  This minimizes many problems with designs at the start, rather than completing a paper design only to find out the design won't work.  This is both a cost saving for my customer, and also eliminates return of an item because of failure.  By identifying failures during the process, I can help eliminate them later in the process.